Stripy socks

I used to have a pair of “soft play” socks on the go most of the time. In the days when soft play was open (sob) and I could just sit and knit and drink coffee whilst LO played. I never thought I’d fantasise about going to soft play…

These were cast on 1 Feb 2020 and were intended to be my latest pair of soft play socks. Obviously, six weeks later, the world turned upside down and inside out simultaneously, and soft play, along with everything else, closed.

The idea was to finish off the ball of West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply in Holly Berry, which I’d previously used for my Very Hungry Caterpillar socks back in 2017. Those had used 300g/75% of a ball, so I had another 100g to play with, and purchased a ball of the solid red, Cherry Drop, to coordinate with it. I bought that at iKnit London on what must have been my penultimate trip into London before lockdown. I used a basic top down sock pattern, did the cuffs, heels and toes in the solid red and alternating pairs of rounds in the solid and the self-striping. I ran out of the self-striping on the second foot, which I was anticipating, but that’s fine, as it’s hidden inside my shoes. I found the alternating stripes quite hard to do, as there are sections where the self-striping is red, and the solid colour is red, and it’s easy to mis-count. Depending on the light, the reds also don’t really match up.

Still, they’re a nice comfy pair of socks, and I succeeded in using up the last of the Holly Berry so I think that’s a win in the stash busting department. They used 268 metres of yarn. They were enjoyable to knit throughout lockdown one when my brain really didn’t function well at all as we were so busy (I eventually finished them in November 2020, after being distracted by knitting doll school uniform for little kids about to start school after preschool had been closed for months, and then knitting a present for LO’s preschool keyworker before she left to start school).

I can’t believe I’m still blogging about last year’s knitting and it’s now April!

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