May 2021 garden

I appear to have completely forgotten about blogging April’s garden! April was a Bit Of A Month – problems with LO’s holiday club, work stress and then the sudden death of greensideknits all meant I didn’t have a lot of headspace for, well, anything really.

April was weirdly dry, with virtually no rain (after an interesting start with snow over the Easter bank holiday weekend). I was worried the water butt would be empty by the end of the month and was having to water containers and hanging baskets regularly. In contrast May has been really wet and cold, with showers every day and little gardening done! The water butt is most definitely not at all empty now!

We’ve been experimenting with NoMowMay, as it’s a lot better for wildlife. The OH has only cut the lawn once so far this year (this pic was just after that) and we are letting one corner keeping growing without cutting. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of flowers that appeared. We’ve been gardening pesticide-free for quite a few years now and it’s been really good to see the number of insects and other wildlife increase without anything terrible happening. The corner is also where the bird feeders are and the log pile (it’s behind the holly) so hopefully several things that will encourage the wildlife to flourish.

The wildlife gardening plans also include having something in flower every month of the year, which we are just about managing now thanks to winter-flowering clematis, Daphne etc. The rain has made the garden look really lush and green, but there are plenty of flowers – including these aubrieta, heuchera, aquilegia and alliums. Compared to last year though, everything is a long way behind with flowering – the foxgloves are showing no sign yet, nor are the roses.

The strawberry plants have a lot of flowers, so hopefully there will be some fruit if the weather warms up a bit, and the chive flowers will look beautiful very soon!

How’s your garden coping with the weird weather?


  1. Wow! It looks beautiful. I always notice in English garden photos how the light isn’t ever harsh. Maybe y’all just always go out on overcast days, or maybe you dont have many bright days? Anyway, it looks lovely. It is hot and dry here, as usual. Although the popular Facebook weatherman says we are having cooler than average temps right now. The gardens do fine, but they do need frequent irrigation.


  2. Our garden’s looking pretty lush this time of year, although unkempt as always, lol. Lots of roses now, and the salvias seem to have bounced back from the frost/snow damage.


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