Fetching gloves

I knitted these fingerless gloves for a friend who was finding her hands were getting cold when she was WFH as she was trying to limit the amount she was putting the heating on. She’s given me loads of help and support over the last few years, so knitting her some gloves felt like the least I could do! I’d already made some Fetching gloves before (these are actually my third, as I made a first pair years ago for a secret pal swop before Ravelry existed), so knew the pattern worked well, and I was reasonably sure I had some Cashmerino Aran left in my stash , in one of the colours she said she liked, to speed up making them, as it meant I didn’t have to wait for a yarn delivery.

Sure enough, I had a ball and a bit of Cashmerino Aran left in my stash from making a jumper for OH several years ago. So I made the wrists of the gloves slightly longer to use up all of the leftovers.

They took four days to make over Christmas, so a satisfyingly quick project. My friend was really pleased with them. And I’ve busted some stash as well! These used up a total of 113.4 metres.

I can’t believe it’s already March – I still haven’t finished blogging about knitting projects completed last year!

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