A knitted gift

After the dolls’ school uniform extravaganza I decided to knit a cardigan for LO using some yarn from my stash, Patons Washed Haze DK. This is now discontinued which is sad as I really enjoy knitting with it. It’s 50% acrylic and 50% cotton, and isn’t as tough on your hands as knitting with 100% cotton. It also washes very well. I originally bought the pattern book, Nursery Days, over thirteen years ago to knit for my nephews, who are both now taller than me and doing their GCSEs!

I then decided to knit the same cardigan for LO’s preschool keyworker’s little girl. I hadn’t intended to, as I’d already got her a thank you present, but I discovered about three weeks before LO left preschool that she is crafty too, and therefore Worthy Of A Knitted Present. I had enough of the Washed Haze in my stash to make a 1-2 year size, as well as a 5-6 year size, so some speed knitting commenced!

This photo is a bit too blue – the colour in the one below is more accurate

I’m glad the lace pattern doesn’t feature too often in it, as I don’t think I’d have finished in time, if so. The pattern is written rather than charted, which meant I found the lace quite hard to follow. Fortunately most of it is stockinette or a ridged pattern which is very quick and simple. I managed to find some buttons in Hobbycraft that were the right size and colour too.

This colour is more accurate

I even knitted some of it at soft play! Yes, soft play has reopened. We were a bit cautious about returning (they are, after all, a bit notorious for being a hot bed of germs even without a pandemic) but our local one is very small and was always scrupulously clean even pre-COVID so decided to give it a try. They are now running pre-booked slots for a small number of children, the ball pool has been emptied and the adults were all behaving themselves so it felt OK. And it was very nice to be able to sit and knit again whilst drinking coffee and LO played.

This colour is quite accurate too

I just finished in time – sewing on the final button the day before LO’s final day at preschool. Her keyworker was absolutely delighted with it!

This used up 479.1 metres, which means I’ve now used 66 more metres this year than I’ve acquired! YAY!


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