Christmas planning

I’ve been looking back at the blog post I wrote earlier in the year, about using up Christmas leftovers, which also contains ideas which worked well for Christmas last year. I’m planning to do some things the same:

  • I’ll be getting one of the M and S turkey breasts that serve five people again, as once again, we are 3.5 people for Christmas dinner, 2.5 of whom eat meat, and I do not want turkey hanging around for days and days.
  • I booked the supermarket Christmas delivery slot back in October as soon as the dates were released for booking. It’s currently got three bottles of gin in as a placeholder, so I need to get on with adding things to that as they occur to me. I’m planning to use the same large bags of “a little less than perfect” veg again, as they were, well, basically, perfect!
  • I’m going to make trifle again as it was popular.
  • Last year I made notes on how much bread and milk we got through over Christmas. I need to remember to look at those notes this year 😉 as we had much less waste this time round
  • I’ll be ordering ready-made brandy sauce again this year as it made life a lot easier, and also seemed to be far more alcoholic than my homemade version 😉 I’m also planning to see what else I can buy ready made that will make things even easier. Definitely brandy butter, mincemeat and marzipan anyway! I used to make these myself but it’s hard to fit it in now with LO around.

I made the Christmas cake a couple of weeks ago. This is the Waitrose Christmas cake kit I got, mainly because everything’s already measured out for you, the fruit is pre-soaked and you don’t have to buy separate ingredients and then only use a small fraction of them. This year I’m making it as one 20cm cake, rather than the mini cakes I made last year. I had actually forgotten I did that last year until I looked back at the blog post!

Mixing in action

In terms of what I do when – I use the Organised Mum Christmas planner, which is BRILLIANT for helping you keep on top of everything. It starts 13 weeks before 1 December, aiming to get you to the start of Advent with everything done and organised so you can relax and enjoy the final build up to Christmas/concentrate on the important stuff. It kind of echoes what I did four years ago, when I was expecting a December baby, and so completed all of the Christmas prep by the end of November! Some of the weeks have tasks in that don’t apply to us (such as sorting out repeat prescription requests for over Christmas/New Year, or booking babysitters for New Year’s Eve), but that’s OK, as it just means we’ve got extra time available that week.

I must admit, December doesn’t tend to be that relaxing just because of the sheer quantity of stuff going on then, and, of course, that December baby of four years ago now wants to PARTY in December, but at least this planner takes a lot of the last minute panic out of it, cuts the costs quite a bit and means I can almost entirely avoid entering any shops during December!

How do you organise your Christmas?


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