Christmas 2019

Christmas was LOT of fun, and thanks to all that planning, went pretty smoothly without any feeling of having too much to do and not enough time to do it in. In fact, I ended up being given an extra day off work on 23 December, and everything was ready at home, so I booked myself into a spa for a few hours’ relaxation! I was pleased with how my Christmas baking and cooking turned out. Once again, I used the Christmas cake kit, although just made one full size cake this year, rather than multiple small ones. The instructions on the box suggested using a template (supplied) to make 3D Christmas trees from marzipan and icing to stand on top of the cake, but I decided against this after realising the cake tin isn’t tall enough to accommodate 3D Christmas trees!

I made three lots of pastry in one session, and froze two of them, making the other into mince pies immediately. I then defrosted the other two batches at intervals and made another dozen mince pies each time. This made sure we were well stocked up with mince pies in the run up to Christmas and over the festival itself, without having to make more pastry! I made trifle again this year, although we struggled to get through all of it, so I think I’ll make less next year.

We had a problem with our milkman, Milk and More, who failed to deliver any of our Christmas order (including our regular milk delivery), blaming it on systems not updating and it being a particularly busy time of year (Guess what?! Christmas happens in December!). They couldn’t seem to grasp that just offering a refund wasn’t really good enough, when they’d failed to deliver any of the things we’d ordered and meant OH doing a trip to the shops which we’d planned to avoid. It was at the end of a long run of problems we’ve had with deliveries, so Milk and More have now been dumped after a bit of chasing to get the promised refund and we’ve switched entirely to supermarket milk as there aren’t any alternatives where we live.

Christmas itself was lovely – it was the first year that LO was really big enough to understand what was going on, and took great delight in putting out her stocking, leaving out a plate with mince pie and carrot on for Santa and his reindeer (she also chose juice for him to drink). She was delighted to find her stocking full in the morning (after an emergency trip out one evening the week before to pick up a secondhand toy camera from Facebook Marketplace which we suddenly discovered she’d asked Santa for in a letter written at nursery!)

I am really pleased with my presents, some of which I’d asked for, some of which were surprises. They included Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments which I’ve wanted to read since it was published, Esther Rutter’s This golden fleece: a journey through Britain’s knitted history which I hadn’t come across but I’m very excited to receive, some beeswax foodwrap which I have wanted to try for a while, a tapestry kit (it’s a long time since I last did some, but I’m keen to have a go!) and Easy vegetarian slow cooker, which I’ m hoping will enlarge my repertoire of recipes.

It looks like LO will also be doing some cooking, as she received this:

Along with an entire railway, and a colour-changing dinosaur umbrella!

Hope you all had a good Christmas!


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