Autumn packed lunches (and breakfast)

Continuing my mini series on packed lunches (very mini series – this is only the third post!). As the weather’s turned colder, I’ve turned to warm comfort food type stuff. Despite mentioning it in my last blog post, I have yet to use the staff room toaster, although I have used the microwave a fair bit 😉

Yummy blueberries

I’ve started taking porridge in some mornings. I’ve bought a bigger Sistema porridge pot after dealing with one too many porridge all over the microwave incidents. Porridge only works if it’s pretty much guaranteed I’ll get to work in good time and get time to both make it and eat it. I take frozen blueberries to scatter on the top – this also cools it down quicker so I get time to eat it!

This green goo is actually watercress soup as some watercress appeared in the veg box one week and I thought I’d give it a whirl (literally). This was quite tasty but wasn’t very filling on its own.

it tastes nicer than it looks

This is the beginning of sunshine soup. We got some sweet potato, butternut squash and carrots in the veg box one week so I decided to make a batch of sunshine soup. You chop up those veg into reasonable sized chunks and roast for 45 minutes or so with a chopped up orange. Then mix with veg stock and blitz in the blender for lovely soup!

There’s a red onion in there too

This made quite a lot so I’ve frozen several portions of it. I now need to get it eaten before Christmas otherwise there won’t be any space in the freezer for Christmas things! I make it was thick as possible so it takes up less space to store, and then add some more water to make it more soupy when I heat it up.

These are one portion each

This one is incredibly tasty, a lovely cheerful bright orange colour and is very filling indeed!

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