Paw Patrol cupcakes

I took the pictures for this last summer and never got round to doing a blog post, but, with the shortage of flour in the shops, I decided now was the time to buy more cake mix! This time we made Frozen cakes, as that’s what I could get hold of.

Result: Frozen cupcake making kit

I bought the Paw Patrol ones on special offer last summer to try out. Other than Christmas cake, I’d never used a packaged cake mix before, but someone at toddler group was bringing cakes each week made from a package which she’d done that morning before arriving, and they always tasted and looked amazing, so I thought I’d give them a go. It kind of makes sense for Christmas cake, which involves ingredients I wouldn’t usually buy, but it does feel a bit extravagant for a bog standard cupcake mixture!

Mixing away

They’re not complete. You also need to add in some butter/marg and an egg, but I have those in all the time, so that isn’t difficult. These would be great for baking with a smaller child as there is so much less prep. to do – literally open packet, pour into bowl, add butter/marg and egg and mix together. It’s not as good for a preschooler as there isn’t an opportunity to weigh ingredients or really count anything.

“taking for a long time”!

The pack comes with icing ingredients too, so once the cakes have cooked, you can do more stirring and then icing them. LO loved icing the cakes!

The cakes were such a success, I decided to keep a pack in the cupboard, just in case we ever needed an activity to do. That proved fortuitous when we got to lockdown, and I realised we didn’t have that much flour in. I’m trying to do baking with LO once a week, and the Frozen cupcakes were a good way of filling that gap whilst we waited for flour to become available again.

It’s a lot more expensive than buying flour 😉 but when you can’t get hold of flour and want an easy activity?! Have you tried anything similar?


  1. We can’t get flour either so I did buy a couple of cake mix boxes as treats a couple of shops ago – and we’re all adults!

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