I had a significant birthday in October. It feels weird to have turned forty. As if I should be sensible and mature (I feel the same about using my full name with ‘Mrs’ at the front!). I’m now about 20 years older than the students I work with. And about 30 years younger than most of the people at church(!). Which means I’m in a weird inbetweeny world of being considered ancient by some and the ‘yoof’ by others.

My thirties were a lot of fun, and my happiest decade so far. I married my gorgeous OH (having started going out with him aged 29), my career really took off (I moved jobs twice during my 30s, which is a lot less than in my 20s), life became more stable (I only moved house once in the last decade, compared to multiple times during my 20s) and we produced LO! Looking back at my 30th birthday I seem to have been very concerned about wrinkles and my sagging bottom…

And onto my presents. I got some lovely yarn – a skein of Countess Ablaze Lady Persephone sock yarn, in colourway Dystopian Literature. Along with some chocolate to eat whilst knitting with it (I may have eaten it already).

A new jumper which is actually more navy blue than this with flecks of colour. I decided I was never going to knit myself a jumper at this gauge so asked for a present one!

And a new handbag! I have a smart handbag for work and my last one was almost ten years old and showing signs of wear and tear. It’s done very well and I will be sad to stop using it (it’s seen me through a lot of things, including two job interviews!) but I’m looking forward to using this one!

I celebrated by having afternoon tea at a posh hotel with some friends on the Saturday nearest my birthday. And going out for a meal with OH and LO (this went slightly wrong as we’d meant to leave the house at 5.30pm so we could eat at LO’s usual mealtime, but I’d forgotten and booked the supermarket delivery for between 6 and 7pm, which, of course, didn’t arrive until 6.58pm, so we ended up not leaving the house until 7pm. Which meant a wildly excited, over-tired three year old in Pizza Express having a very late night). And on my birthday itself a local spa was running a free childcare if you buy a spa treatment offer. So that’s what I did. LO and I both had a brilliant time, although mine was much more restful and peaceful than hers 😉

Oh, and I had lunch out at my favourite garden centre, which I don’t get to go to very often any more, as it doesn’t have soft play. And I chose a Cotoneaster to be this year’s birthday plant.

Do you do anything special for your “significant” birthdays?


  1. […] has been used already (I’ve still got one jumper to go, and the unplanned skeins), and a birthday present. Stash totals for 2019 were: Yarn in: 3818 metres Yarn out: 4285.8 metres (thanks to destashing […]


  2. Happy birthday!! I can’t believe you’re 40, I think of you has being a young mum, lol! An insightful blog post, and it sounds like you had some pampering and treats, well done.


  3. Happy belated birthday – what delicious presents!!!! You have excellent taste (both in the choosing of items and the choosing of people who might select such lovely items). At the ripe old age of 55 I have decided I cant be doing with my chronological age and the possibility of being told to behave like an adult so I choose a prime number (any prime number). That means I can say I am now in my prime and don’t care for details/trifles 🙂 we just go somewhere to celebrate birthdays as gravel-guy has had enough of swapping books or buying things – but the plant buying sounds wonderful


  4. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like a wonderful day. I didn’t realize we were sharing significant years — I turned 30 this year! I didn’t do much special, but DH did spoil me a little and it was a lovely day at hone.


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