Hello 2020

Looking back at last year’s blog post, I started reviewing previous years and also looking ahead to what I wanted to do in 2019. Amusingly some things haven’t changed (I still haven’t finished knitting Hey Teach, even though it’s been frogged and started again now!).

View from one of my walks

Knitting plans 2020

Last year I was planning to make the Bulky Brioche Raglan, which I started, then realised that I really hate knitting brioche stitch, so it was frogged. I then started the Moss Fern Cardigan, before getting immersed in projects for presents, so I need to finish that project off. I’ve only got the sleeves left to knit.

I haven’t even looked at starting Bluebells, but it’s on the list for this year, along with a mini skein project. And finally finishing off Hey Teach πŸ˜‰

I was aiming to knit from stash more last year, and pretty much succeeded. The only yarn purchases were my holiday yarn, some of which has been used already (I’ve still got one jumper to go, and the unplanned skeins), and a birthday present. Stash totals for 2019 were: Yarn in: 3818 metres Yarn out: 4285.8 metres (thanks to destashing some oddments to a church craft group as well as yarn knitted into projects) so I used up 468.7 metres more than I acquired. We still have high childcare costs, so the knitting from stash is again my priority for 2020. Although one friend gifted me a Loveknitting voucher as a thank you for babysitting for her, so I am planning to acquire some yarn πŸ˜‰

Reading plans 2020

Last year’s reading plans have gone pretty well. I’ve read about the same number of books this year (there will be another post doing the final 2019 reviews) – it was thirteen books last year. But this year I also started a teaching qualification, which I’m aiming to finish in mid-2020, and that’s necessitated a lot of extra reading, which I’m very pleased I’ve managed to fit in. 2020 is going to be really busy, as I’ve been put forward for a women in leadership course for my sector, which means six away days as well as a pile of preparation for each, so I’m hoping to maintain the same amount of relaxing reading as 2018 and 19 alongside this.

Gardening plans 2020

I’m pleased with the amount of gardening I got done last year. LO did quite a bit of helping, although the tomato seeds were a disaster (we did only grow three tomatoes in total in the end). The shed is still waiting to be organised though!

Harvest totals for the year were:

  • Rhubarb – 6.1 kg (2018: 5.5 kg)
  • Raspberries – 700g (2018: 40g)
  • Blackcurrants – 600g (2018: 850g)
  • Gooseberries – 300g (2018: 34g)

Three strawberries in total (compared to 226g in 2018) and no apples (all eaten by squirrels). I didn’t do anything different this year, and mulched etc to a similar regime as the year before, but the weather was very different this year.

Other stuff

Last year I was aiming to do more walking, which I definitely achieved, after signing up for Global Challenge through work, and exceeding all of my targets for exercise – starting out aiming at 7000 steps per day, and eventually exceeding an average of 13,000! I’m still amazed about that as it is really hard to fit exercise into my day, especially as I drive to work and don’t really have time to park any further away than I do now. I also lost the weight I’d been aiming to lose, although will doubtless have put a little on again over Christmas. I really felt a difference last year with taking myself off for a walk if I ever had the opportunity, and I’ve explored some amazing new places. I’d like to do more of that this year.

My other plan was to do more meal planning, which I’ve definitely done, and I’m hoping to do more slow cooking this year whilst I attempt to make more time for all the other things I’m doing πŸ˜‰

2020 is going to be quite exciting. I’m expecting a lot of changes this year as LO will be starting school in September and I won’t know what that will mean for my time until we know which school she has got into (applications close next week and we won’t find out until April). I’m heading into a restructure at work, so it’s likely my job will look quite different too.

What are your plans for 2020?


  1. No, it’s for teaching in HE, but I’m finding that teaching is becoming a big part of my role so seemed sensible (insurance!) to get a qualification


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