October 2019 garden

I seem to have spent a lot of time already this month sweeping/raking up leaves! LO is quite enthusiastic about helping with this. We’ve suddenly had a lot more rain, but it’s still fairly mild temperatures so everything is growing a lot again (including the lawn!).

More leaves to rake up

I love the colour of these sedum. It was Chelsea chopped back in May, so it takes a while to come into flower, but it’s beautiful when it does, and the insects love it.

Berries on the Pyracantha. We have three colours growing next to each other – red (Red Star), orange (Orange Glow) and yellow (Saphyr Jaune). The orange doesn’t grow as thickly or produces as many berries, and the birds seem to like the red ones best. At least this means some of the berries last through the winter so there are still things for them to eat in January and February!

This Salvia was a Christening present for LO and flowers for a long time (one of my garden aims is to have plants in flower all year round for the insects to feed on).

The fuchsias have loved all the rain we’ve been having and have been flowering even more prolifically!

Cornus (Dogwood). At this point last year it’s leaves were already turning red/orange, so things seem to be running later this year.

Just one of the many tubs of leaves raked up by me and LO!


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