November 2019 garden

Think we’re almost at the end of leaf raking now. There’s hardly any leaves left on the local trees, although there are a lot still left on the trees at work, bizarrely, as it’s only eleven miles away!

Won’t take me long to rake up those

I’ve got the patio containers sorted, and the Alstroemeria and Fuchsias have gone under cover for the winter. That just leaves the roses, herbs and strawberry planter. It’s a lot easier to sweep up the leaves with the other containers out of the way!

Here’s last year’s birthday plant, a Viburnum, and a new Viola plant to the right, which I spotted in a garden centre where I met a friend for lunch.

I’ve planted this year’s birthday plant, a Cotoneaster, near the bird feeder. The Cornus has completely lost its leaves and the stems are shining through bright red. I love looking out at this little corner from our living room. The bird feeder has been really busy and I’m having to refill it several times a week.

There are some signs of growth for next year appearing. These are Foxgloves, which I grew from seed this year, which will flower next summer.

Still some flowers on this Fuchsia (this one is planted in the ground and predates us living in the house), but probably not for much longer.

And the buds are showing on the Daphne – the start of next year’s flowers already! This will smell amazing when we walk near it during the winter.

What signs of life have you got in your garden this November?

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