The new shed

So, we bought a shed. Actually it came with an entire house and garden along with it. And second shed, that was falling down. But the shed is probably in better condition than the house at the moment! The house needs a lot of work, rather like the last time we bought a house, back in 2009. We were hoping to make some progress with this over the summer as we completed the purchase in mid-summer but tradesmen are in short supply at the moment. We did have one company lined up, but there were also delays when people caught Covid so we are at least a month behind where we thought we’d be.

It’s filthy, but I’m quite excited about the shelving

It will be an amazing place to live once we’ve done all the work. We couldn’t have bettered the size of the house or the location, unless we’d had a considerably larger budget, so we’re happy with that. The garden isn’t the biggest, but for the location it’s great. We did view some houses that were further out of the city we’ve moved to, and which had 200ft gardens, but they were too far out of the centre to be practical. And now I work full time I don’t think I’d manage to maintain a 200ft garden!

It’s got potential. Put it like that.

The garden will have to wait though, as first of all we have to do some structural stuff to the house to make it safe. We’re also hoping to install an air source heat pump and solar panels, which will hopefully bring our energy costs right down, along with moving some walls, putting in a new kitchen and a couple of bathrooms. So only a few things!

It looks like the rest of the year is going to be very busy but I’m looking forward to getting my yarn stash out of the garage finally.


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