Beeswax wraps

We’re still pootling along at home. Not much has changed other than LO returning to preschool three weeks ago. This has been a resounding success for everyone, and hopefully she’ll get a full three months in before she starts school in September. It looks like I’ll be returning to work on-site within the next couple of weeks, although I’ll still be WFH a little. I will probably be the only person on-site for at least the first month, so it will be a bit weird.

I thought I’d write a bit about the beeswax wrap I got for Christmas in case others are thinking about trying them. But first: what a difference a week makes! We’ve had torrential rain for the last week and the lawn has suddenly turned green again.

I’d asked for a beeswax wrap for Christmas, as I’d wanted to try them for ages. The idea is that they replace single use plastic (such as cling film) with reusable cloth covered in beeswax. They smell very nice, and are simple to use – you simply mould the covering to the shape of the container with your hands. Mine is the sandwich wrap – shaped to be the perfect size to go round some sandwiches, and with a button tie to hold it in place.

It’s quite similar to the zero waste sandwich wrap I got about twelve years ago, which is still going strong.

I’ve also used the beeswax wrap to cover bowls – this one is for some dough left to rise – and also in the fridge.

I like it. It’s useful and does its job well (it isn’t suitable for use with raw meat or fish, but that’s OK as I use my prep bowls for those). In fact, I got some vouchers for Lakeland in the post and we had several things we needed so I ordered some more of the wraps in different sizes with a cool design on as it’s definitely something I’ll use! The Lakeland ones are produced by BeeBeeWraps, who have some incredibly funky designs on their own website. They are easy to keep clean – just wash in cool soapy water. My original one was imported from Canada, but these new ones are all made in the UK, which I’m more comfortable with as it seems crazy to be shipping something like this around the world!

I think my only criticism is that these only last around a year (after which they can be composted or used as firelighters) and work out a lot more expensive than cling film. The mixed pack above cost £17.99 for three, which will last a year. Whereas 80 metres of cling film is £3 from Waitrose (and probably cheaper at other supermarkets) . It hasn’t entirely eliminated my use of cling film – I’ve used it a couple of times when making cakes to take into work or to church (although obviously I won’t be doing either of those things for a while!). On our existing budget I’d be happy to buy them, but it’d be more of a luxury purchase for many families, I suspect.

What zero waste ideas have you tried? Did you like them?

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  1. I love beeswax wraps and have had a go at making them. You can get beeswax pellets pretty cheaply and can use an iron and baking parchment to melt them. You get better results if you include pine resin too. I think you can prolong the life of your wraps by adding more beeswax.


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