June 2019 garden

I usually try and do my garden post each month halfway through, but this time, with going on holiday, I’ve suddenly found myself right at the end of the month! June has been a bit changeable this year. From torrential downpours to soaring temperatures, it’s a bit of a contrast with this time last year, when every day was over 30°.

The hydrangeas have suddenly burst into flower. They all looked rather sad at the end of last year’s hot weather as they really didn’t like it and I couldn’t justify watering them. Hopefully we’ll get a bit more rain this summer!

We had a bit of a disaster with the tomatoes which had been lovingly grown from seed by LO. We arrived home from holiday to find they had succumbed to blight. There was nothing else for it but to pull them up, give the container a good clean, and buy some replacement plants from Homebase! Hopefully these ones will do better. The herbs are doing really well this year, but the strawberries were a bit of a disaster. We arrived home to find giant fungi growing out of that container, some embryonic strawberries were a bit mouldy and the rest of them vanished in the night! The fuchsias are just beginning to flower though, and the salad leaves have sprouted.

I never quite got round to cutting back the spiraea at the end of winter (I usually cut it right back to the ground) so it’s now absolutely enormous!

The sempervivum is now looking right at home!

The cold frame was almost empty again as I’d planted out just about everything in it, so I sowed the seeds that came free with a magazine last month. These are Foxglove apricot, a biennial, so they should be flowering for next summer.

Although the strawberry harvest was non-existent, the blackcurrants are doing really well. This is the first batch I picked and there are many more to come. Despite the difference in the weather I picked these a couple of days earlier than the first blackcurrant harvest last year.

Finally, a picture of one of my Physocarpus, next to the Philadelpus mock orange, which has lovely bright leaves.

How is your garden looking this June?


  1. […] I’ve repotted all the herbs, and finding I actually remember to have real mint tea a few times a week. I don’t always get up in enough time to pick it before starting work though! And the tomato seeds which LO sowed a while ago are now plants hardening off in the coldframe. Hopefully these will be more successful than last year’s tomatoes… […]


  2. Everything looks so nice!

    Our food garden is a jungle of weeds. While I was having a baby and recovering, the weeds got out of control. DH did try to knock them back, but it has been mostly in vain. And the twine holding our tomato vines has mostly broken so we have tomato vines sprawling everywhere! We have managed to keep harvesting tomatoes, though. I’ve put up 10 quarts so far. The pepper plants are all flowering again. The cucumbers are steadily putting on fruit too.

    For flowers… I’ve kept my hanging daisies and basil alive. Barely. I did get the rock edging in place at the front gate where I’ll have flower gardens. It’s a slow work in progress. We want to mulch there this year, then start growing some low ground cover in it. I don’t know what else I’ll grow out there. Each semi circle just has a small hibiscus currently.


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