May 2020 garden

Two months in now, and we’re still noticing tiny changes in the garden. It is quite fun going out and spotting what has changed slightly. It’s barely rained in the last six weeks or so. The waterbutt got completely empty, then, thankfully, refilled over a couple of rainy days. The back lawn, in particular, has virtually stopped growing (much to OH’s relief as he hates mowing the lawn!). It’s also very compacted, probably a consequence of the herd of wildebeeste, sorry, one four year old, who regularly marauds on it.

It’s already showing signs of turning brown!

It’s been fascinating to watch the alliums opening. A little bit more every day!

We grew foxgloves from seed last year. This is the first one to flower. It’s opposite the kitchen window so it’s progress has been watched in minute detail!

Signs of fruit beginning to appear. The apple blossom is now all over, and tiny baby apples are now on the trees. LO loves spotting how much these have grown (don’t think she realises how long she’s going to have to wait until they are full size!). The strawberries are flowering, and tiny fruits have appeared on the gooseberry and blackcurrant bushes.

I’ve repotted all the herbs, and finding I actually remember to have real mint tea a few times a week. I don’t always get up in enough time to pick it before starting work though! And the tomato seeds which LO sowed a while ago are now plants hardening off in the coldframe. Hopefully these will be more successful than last year’s tomatoes

And we have a few roses beginning to flower. LO loves spotting and smelling these.

Love the colours of this rose as it opens

Have you ventured to a garden centre since they reopened? I haven’t been yet as didn’t need anything and thought they might be crowded.


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