August 2020 garden

Oh dear, the poor grass. In contrast to last month, when I was rejoicing in having some rain and the lawn had greened up again, we’re now back to something mostly resembling hay. Last week was hot. Oh so hot . We got up to over 34 degrees at various points. It was awful. The weather broke a couple of days ago and we’re back down to about 20 degrees, which is much more pleasant. There were some thunderstorms, and torrential rain, but we’ve had more light rain/heavy drizzle, which I’m hoping will do the garden more good as it’s more likely not to quickly wash away, taking half of the soil with it.

We’re heading into some lovely fruit-picking time. The few remaining apples on the standard apple tree (Red Windsor) are ripening nicely. One fell off, and we’ve eaten that – it was very tasty. We did have more apples on there but flocks of parakeets keep descending and eating them. If anyone has any top tips for getting rid of parakeets… The raspberries have been struggling with the lack of water. They’re still fruiting, but are absolutely tiny. The picture below shows one of ours on the left, alongside one from a punnet that came in the veg box. Bit of a size difference! The first tomatoes have started to ripen too – these taste amazing!

We’re still managing to have a few plants in flower. The Alstreomeria is doing well (but then it’s a patio container so gets watered regularly). One of the Hydrangeas appears to have been baked to a crisp, although the other two are droopy but have flowers. I suppose the clue is in the name… The sedums are doing really well (perfect weather for them). Although they’re apparently now called Hylotelephium! The Japanese Anemone looks half OK with flowers, and the other half looks like it’s been toasted! I don’t think we’ll manage to have as many flowers through into Autumn this year.

Growing new plants has continued, despite the heat! This container had had radishes in, which we’d harvested, so I sowed some more salad leaves in it. These have done really well this year – we have one other container with some in, which is almost ready to bolt, having provided us with many lunches over the last six weeks. I think another year, I’d do three containers of salad leaves again, sown in succession, as this has been so worth growing. The Aquilegia seeds I got free with a magazine needed potting on, so I ended up doing that in the extreme heat last weekend.

How has your garden been through all the hot weather?!

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