July 2020 garden

Since last month we’ve had quite a bit of rain so the grass is very green once again! The waterbutt has refilled, so we’ve hardly had any time so far this year when we’ve had to use mains water for watering the containers. Just a bit of April!

The flowers are attracting plenty of insects. These are Fuchsia mojo boogie, Escallonia pink elle and Nigella. It’s the first time I’ve grown Nigella, and I love the shape of the flowers! The Nigella was grown from some free seeds I got with a magazine earlier in the year.

I’ve been busy harvesting more soft fruit. These are the last of the gooseberries, destined for the freezer. Some radishes grown in a patio container. First of the autumn fruiting raspberries – 225g!

The sempervivum is now flowering – I love the way it looks like an alien lifeform!

Sempervivum or alien?

I planted the hanging baskets up with compost and some Marigold seeds as it was impossible to get hold of bedding plants at that time. I found the seeds when I was doing some sorting out in the shed. The flowers are really high up so hard to see, but they look bright and cheerful, and the insects love them, so I’m glad I did this!

Did you have trouble getting hold of bedding plants this year?

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