I wanted to get started doing some baking with LO now that she’s big enough to kneel/stand on a stool in front of me and ‘help’. Until now she has done some supervising from her high chair, although that generally means she’s seeing how many times Mummy will retrieve her spoon from the floor before getting fed up! 

These heart shaped biscuits were in a Beaming Baby leaflet so I thought we’d give them a whirl. 


After. I altered the method as I only had a small heart shaped cutter, whereas the recipe was for 6-8 bigger biscuits. Didn’t want LO eating one that size! And you’re meant to put a dollop of cherry jam on top of each but I didn’t have any, and thought it would be unnecessarily complicated for biscuits this size. Plus, she doesn’t actually need the extra sugar! 

The biscuits taste really nice – they are shortbread and very almondy. LO loved them and also enjoyed rolling out the dough, and pressing the cutter in to cut out the shapes. 

As we didn’t really need a huge pile of biscuits to eat at home(!) we took them to church next day where they were much appreciated. 

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