Bluebells jumper & Coronavirus

I’m still not caught up with blogging knitting projects completed last year! Bluebells, a Kate Davies pattern, has been on my wish list for a while. I bought her book, Yokes, at Iknit Fandango back in 2015. I was eight weeks pregnant with LO at that point so already knew it was likely I wasn’t going to fit into any of these jumpers for a while! And the yarn was a Christmas present from the OH in 2017. It seemed like a good stash busting project to be getting on with in 2021 when I still wasn’t going into shops or anywhere much at all.

It was a relatively fast knit for me, given the small needles and colourwork – February to June 2021. I really enjoyed knitting it, although did make one mistake – the greens are the wrong way round in one section! It’s a useful jumper to have too – not so thick that it becomes too warm, but great to wear over a polo neck top.

I had intended to blog more often this year (heard that one before?) as I do enjoy it. But we’ve been busy settling into a new location and all of us having Covid(!) which finally got us via LO’s school. We actually didn’t realise LO and OH had had it until I started with symptoms, as they were both almost entirely symptom-free! We were negative on lateral-flow (I stayed negative until several days later, but got a positive PCR). I am very glad we had had our vaccinations and boosters though, as it could have been a lot worse otherwise. I had three days off work sick, plus several when I was very exhausted, and it took about six weeks to get back to “normal”. Thankfully, 5-11 year olds can now get their first jab in the UK, so LO has also been able to have her first.

And, we’re in the middle of buying a house! It was all a bit depressing in January and February, with barely any houses coming on the market and huge amounts of competition from other buyers in back-to-back viewings. But in March we saw somewhere we thought would work for us, in a brilliant location, and got our offer accepted. Still waiting to get through to exchange and completion, then we’ll need to do a LOT of work on it before we can move in, so it looks like my stash will be in the garage for a while longer.

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