2021 – looking back and looking forward

2021 turned out to be the year everything changed, and not at all what I would have predicted at the beginning of the year! I haven’t done much blogging this year, just nine blog posts (compared to somehow managing weekly posts for much of 2020). That’s mainly because we moved house! 200 miles in fact, to the North, where I started a new, full-time, job, the OH turned himself into a stay-at-home-Dad and we moved into a rented house to give us time to sell our house in the South East. It has all been a bit of a whirl, and things like knitting, reading and blogging have taken something of a backseat for a while. Sometime I will blog about the move itself and possibly even my top tips for moving with a child in tow! I also completed the qualification I was working towards, which included producing 8000 words mostly in lockdown conditions, although thankfully this time round we had a keyworker place at school for LO. The qualification undoubtedly helped towards my job move too, so was well worth all the hard work – a year ago I was hoping to finish it to “safeguard my future employment”!

Knitting/crafting plans

I did get a few things knitted in 2021 but am very behind with blogging about them. And I don’t know where some of the finished items are as we couldn’t fit everything into the rented house and the removal men had a bit of a thing about labelling boxes with “misc” and shoving them in the garage. Some of the stash also disappeared into storage for a couple of months before the move whilst we got the house ready to go on the market. So, some photos and posts will have to wait. I have just updated my stash totals for the year and somehow managed to knit 1853 metres more yarn than I acquired! So, although I didn’t knit many things (one jumper and two pairs of socks) I only acquired one yarn purchase – this is, I think, completely unprecedented in my time as a knitter, but has a lot to do with moving house and other things on my mind.

The reason it mentions crafting plans above are that I also did a tiny bit of tapestry this year, for a glasses case I was given for Christmas a while back. I fancied a change from knitting at some point amidst the lockdowns.

Reading plans

The house move etc also rather annihilated my reading plans, which was to aim for 13 books in the year. I completed four books in 2021, which is, I think, my worst total ever. Although I did do quite well with keeping relaxing novel type books for bedtime reading, and other reading for at other times – three of my four completed books are novels! The books are logged in LibraryThing and are:

  • The baby group
  • Dangerous crossing
  • Motherhood: a manifesto
  • A taste of home

As always, I’m hoping to read more next year, which I think will work as my lifestyle is so different now. I’m no longer a car commuter, and instead either walk to work or go for a walk before WFH as OH now does all the schoolruns (this is bliss!). There is no juggling of wraparound care as we don’t need it. When we’re not under a WFH recommendation, work involves some travelling which gives me nights away from home on my own = reading time! But I could still do with cutting down on my mobile phone use ;-). I’d like to read more about the history of the area we’ve moved to as well. I know the broad outlines but I want the detail!

Gardening plans

Well, we no longer own our beautiful garden! It is one of the things I felt quite sad about leaving, particularly plants that had a lot of meaning for us, including two apple trees we were bought as wedding presents, various plant presents over the years and plants bought on our annual pre-Covid holidays. I brought cuttings with us of as many as possible, along with the coldframe, and most of the patio containers. And I’ve enjoyed looking back at my garden posts and the photos to remind me of what we created.

The timing of our move meant we harvested quite a bit of produce before we left the old house, although I didn’t keep track of weighing most of it. The purchase of a fruit net though meant we finally managed to harvest some apples – 4kg worth!

The rental house only has a very small, courtyard style garden which is very overlooked by towering townhouses around us. It’s clearly been well planned to make the most of the space and I’m going to be interested to see how it grows whilst we’re here. I’ve never had a garden made by a garden designer before. But it is tiny and totally paved which doesn’t make it much fun for playing and there isn’t much gardening to do, just basic maintenance. Which is probably a good thing whilst I get my head round my new job and we commence house-hunting!

I am, however, very much looking forward to finding a new home for us to buy with a garden to take forward!

Other stuff

At the beginning of the year I was hoping to fit more exercise in, which I have definitely achieved, but only by moving to the other end of the country and having a totally different lifestyle! Back in January I was only averaging 3800 steps a day as it was so hard to fit any exercise in – it was a case of brisk ten minutes here and there around the schoolrun in the car. Since moving and starting the new job, despite it being full-time rather than part-time and WFH at least some of the time, I’m now averaging just under 7000 steps a day, so nearly double. I’d like to get that over 10,000 a day ideally. Our rented house is on three storeys which was rather a shock to the system when we first moved in. After about ten days of aching legs I adjusted and now mostly hurtle up and down the stairs with ease – apparently I climbed 18 flights one day last week! I am hoping that our new house won’t have quite so many stairs though…

What are your plans for 2022?


  1. A momentous year all round! Hopefully 2022 might see you moving again into your longer term home if you find one you like. Love the tapestr!


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