March 2021 garden

But before I get onto the garden, a Covid update – I’ve had my first vaccination! It was a bit of a surprise to get a text from the GP surgery last weekend to say I was in group 6 (instead of group 10, which I’d thought I’d be going by age, which would have meant waiting until at least April, if not May). It turns out having had Gestational Diabetes puts me into group 6 as I’m at much higher risk of diabetes now. It’s the only time I’ve been pleased I had GD… I had the jab on Friday, I walked to the local vaccination centre which was very well-organised and it was all very straightforward. My arm aches a little bit now, and I felt chills/hot and cold/tired for 10 – 30 hours after the jab but just rested up, had an afternoon nap and it wasn’t too bad. And a lot better than catching Covid đŸ˜‰ I had the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab and apparently side effects are more common amongst “youngsters”. There was a lovely atmosphere of joy and hope at the vaccination centre, and such a contrast with how I was feeling a year ago! Yes, I took my knitting with me to the vaccination centre.

And onto the garden. Bit of a contrast with last month’s snow – was that really only a month ago? The weather has turned warmer, and everything is growing well, including the lawn which is looking more lush now, and the daffodils are coming into flower. It turns out the squirrels didn’t eat all the bulbs I planted in the Autumn!

I’m onto the time of year when I’m using up annual leave. So far I’ve taken some time to weed and tidy up the front garden, including cutting some shrubs right back, done the lawn edges and mulched all those beds. I’m very pleased with how the front garden is looking! The only problem was timing it around the garden waste bin being emptied, as it’s only once a fortnight and I was producing a lot to go in it!

I’m also really pleased with how the spring flowers are looking as they appear. I’m not quite sure what’s happened to my favourite daffodil “Tahiti” though, as it hasn’t appeared yet!

The rosemary is flowering too, I love its little blue flowers.

Have you had your jab yet? I hope you don’t have to wait long for it if you haven’t had it yet.

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