January 2021 garden

Since I last posted things have moved on a bit! 24 hours after that, we plunged from tier 4 into another lockdown (this was predictable and should have happened sooner) which left us scrabbling around to work out how to manage everything again. As we’re both keyworkers, LO has been able to carry on going to school so we’re not having to experience the hell of homeschooling alongside working, as so many are having to at the moment. I’ve had to change my working pattern yet again (only the fifth time in ten months!) to accommodate adjusted school timings, which has basically removed almost all of my free time. And, unlike lockdown #1, this one coincides with a really busy period at work, so it’s been a rather intense fortnight so far. Still, at least the time is going fast…

At weekends we’ve been spending some time outdoors. The garden is looking rather muddy, as is the local woodland areas where we’ve been playing. We’re basically spending most of our non-working time getting caked in mud. The lawn is not used to seeing this much activity in January.

Snowdrops have begun to appear. The debris around them is the teabags that didn’t rot down in last year’s compost. We (well, the OH) ended up sieving a lot of compost to get them out, and we’ve stopped composting teabags! The sticks around them are the raspberry canes I’ve cut down low ready for fruiting later this year.

The Hellebores have started flowering. I need to remember to cut back the leaves around them so they are easier to see. These are nestled in against a wall, so it was quite difficult to take this photo! I love the colours of the flowers.

The Daphne will be flowering very soon. I can’t wait to smell it!

The Primulas are looking bright and cheerful. These are actually from last winter – I kept them going through the summer but, instead of planting them out in the garden, repotted them in the containers with some fresh bulbs underneath, which will emerge in a couple of months’ time.

How’s your January garden looking? How is lockdown for you?

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