October 2020 garden

I’ve had a bit of a hiatus with blogging. In early October I had a bit of a bad cold (I think it was laryngitis) and got sent for a Covid test by the Zoe symptom study app. I’m assuming as a control as I didn’t have any of the obvious Covid symptoms. It was quick and easy to get a test (I was offered multiple test sites a short distance from home available within 2-3 hours of trying to book one) but school demanded that we bring LO home as I was going for a test. Then it took 59 hours to get the test (negative!) back again. So, I ended up ill at home with a furious LO to look after as she wanted to be at school. I’d had to bring her home halfway through the day, and she’d ordered “flat pasta” for school dinner, which meant I ended up making her lasagne for tea to make it up to her whilst feeling ill! She missed 1.5 days off school (fortunately much of the 59 hours was over a weekend). That mean I spent some time recovering, and then catching up with all the stuff I hadn’t done whilst ill, so blogging had to take a back seat for a while.

Thought I’d get caught up with October garden before it’s totally out of date! đŸ˜‰

The garden’s now looking very autumnal and we’re having to spend quite a bit of time each week raking up leaves. It’s been very wet too.


We have several berry laden plants, which the birds will enjoy over the winter. It seems to be a particularly good year for berries. Above is Cotoneaster and below is our three types of Pyracantha. I need to cut this back again, as it’s getting rather high. Again. Everyone else’s Pyracantha seems to be a neatly arranged mass of leaves/berries against a wall!


There is still a little bit of harvesting going on – salad leaves! I sowed a few more seeds at the beginning of the month, but I’m not sure if they will come to anything. I’m going to put them under cover in the cold frame, so maybe they will grow big enough to eat. They aren’t specifically winter types of lettuce though, just the remains of a packet.


A couple of Fuchsias are still flowering, although the one that is definitely not hardy has been tucked away in the cold frame already.


We have some lovely autumn colours in the leaves in the raised bed too, although the Cornus isn’t quite as good as last year as it got very frazzled in all the sunshine in August.


And I’ve begun potting up containers for the winter. This one has tulip bulbs planted beneath Cyclamen.


How is your garden looking in the Autumn?

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