The shed

HOORAY! It’s been over a year(!) getting here, but finally the post I wanted to write – I finally finished sorting out the shed. I know, it’s exciting round here, isn’t it?!

Way back in August 2019, I posted about how I was planning to get the shed sorted. At that point it looked rather orange, a problem we rectified during lockdown when first I, and then OH, gave it two coats of paint. In April, during the first month of lockdown, I got some sorting out done and the took rack put up. At this point the shed was about half sorted out. I think that was the point when lockdown was still relatively new and I was feeling quite energetic. This quickly vanished.

Let’s have a before picture just to show what it did look like:

And this is the outside:

Shed before painting

And after two coats of wood preservative in the shade of brown we wanted (not orange!).

Shed painted

Inside is looking SO much better. You can get all the way in, and easily reach anything – a maximum of one item has to be moved to get anything out.

Shed reorganisation

The work bench is clear, with tools I need for seed sowing stored right at the end. The high shelf was one of the first things I sorted – emptying the shelf and sweeping it, clearing out any empty bottles (why had we got those?!), sorting everything else into categories and then replacing so it’s easily visible. The little organiser unit holds seed packets – LO and I went through this during lockdown, threw out anything that was very out of date, and then labelled the drawers with veg, herbs and flowers to make it easier to find what we need in the future. The wheelbarrow only really gets used during spring, when I’m mulching the garden, but is now a lot easier to get out!

Shed reorganisation

I organised the smaller tools into this array of containers just inside the shed door. These are all recycled from other purposes. I admit that I was rather tempted to buy a cute little set of labelled containers intended for this purpose, but that seemed a bit silly and a waste of money when I could just use things we’d already got. I’ve put the spare parts for the secateurs in the same container with them, in the hope that’ll remind me to use the spares once they need repairing!

Shed reorganisation

And I’ve achieved my aim of having gravel, grit, seed compost etc easily accessible under the work bench.

Shed reorganisation

PHEW! I’m so glad this is finished. The shed has needed sorting out for about five years, so it’s a big relief it’s actually done now. Ironically, the final stage, which I’d been waiting about four months to complete, only took an hour. A very focussed hour, but just an hour, which shows what is possible in limited time! I’m hoping that now it’s easier to access all the tools and equipment, it will make gardening a lot more straightforward in the limited time I have.

And, of course, I need to make sure to keep it tidy…;-)

Are there any projects you’ve been really proud of finishing?

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