September 2020 garden

Talk about changeable weather! In the last month we’ve been through a heatwave, then torrential downpours and now back to a heatwave again! At least the downpours gave the grass a chance to green up again.

I’ve used up all my free image storage on WordPress so am now experimenting with other options! The rest of this post I’m using my Flickr account (hastily resurrected after not being used for several years!) for image storage.

The Pyracantha is covered in berries which hopefully the birds will enjoy eating over the winter.

I bought a couple of plants on LO’s visit to RHS Wisley before she started school. These were a Cotoneaster Horizontalis to replace one from last year that turned out to be potbound and then died, and a Nandina Domestica ‘Fire power’ which I thought would brighten the border up.

Sept 2020

Somebody saw me start to plant these and decided to help using her JCB!

Sept 2020

You can certainly see the difference with the Chelsea chopping I did in May. This is the sedum (yes, I know these have been renamed but I can’t be bothered to look up the spelling!) which I did Chelsea chop. It isn’t really flowering yet.

Sept 2020

Whereas this is the one I didn’t Chelsea chop! Which is good, as it spreads out the flowering more to extend the nectar available to insects.

Sept 2020

In terms of fruit – the strawberry plants put out several runners, so I’ve potted them up to grow on for next year, when I want to replace the original plants. I think these look rather funny all surrounding the big planter!

Sept 2020

The tomato harvest is coming to an end and I’m hoping the warmer weather this week will finish off ripening the last few tomatoes.

Sept 2020

And the Japanese anenome is looking amazing!

Sept 2020

I’m not sure what I think about using Flickr for the photos. At the moment it’s a bit new and different so taking slightly longer, but I don’t think, in the long term, it would be any more time consuming than uploading the photos direct. However, it seems to have stopped me using anything but the most basic image blocks, rather than any of the gallery features I’d normally use. Have you used up the free WordPress image storage and what solution did you decide on?

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