Getting organised 2020-21

Continuing last year’s theme where I posted pictures of empty diary pages. This is an exciting blog, after all! 😉 But I do like stationery, and I’m sure others do too.

New diary!

So, last year, after much cogitation, I went with a little Moleskine 18 month diary in bright red. As I predicted last year, it ended up being a bit annoying as the Saturday and Sunday spaces were tiny (this was pre-Covid, when there were actually weekend activities to write in the space!) and there were no monthly planner pages. It was hard to tell in advance as it was wrapped in plastic so I couldn’t have a close look. I did monthly planner pages in my not-quite-a-bullet journal, but I kept forgetting to check them (especially once we went into lockdown and I had zero free time) and it was annoying having them in a separate place (yes, even after lockdown when I was always in the house!). The little diary also refused to lie open, even with something balanced on it to hold it flat, which turned out to be Very Annoying. So, ability to lie flat became one of my Essential Criteria for choosing this year’s diary.

So, this year, having had a look around online I went back to Boxclever Press and looked at the various options. I nearly got a Life Book again, which I’ve enjoyed using for a couple of years already, but eventually decided on an Enjoy Everyday diary, which runs for an academic year, rather than 16 months. Partly, I realised that I didn’t need the shopping list/menu plan feature in the Life Book, as I’m no longer going to supermarkets, so have no need for a tear out list to take with me. Our shopping list is now a magnetic pad stuck to the fridge, which we both add items to, and I then use to update the online order. I’m not sure at what stage I will resume going into supermarkets? I can’t really imagine the old lifestyle of just popping in for a bag of salad and a baguette resuming any time soon with all the queueing now involved!

These are some example pages from it. From L-R: the year and goals and dreams for the year (this does feel a little optimistic, given the current circumstances!), each month has two planner spreads with all the dates laid out and a plans for x month diagram, then each week spread has each day divided into three segments and a checklist to do down the side. I’m hoping this will work really well for me from September onwards. It also has annual pages for project planning where you break the project down into sections, which is something I do anyway, so this should help! Unlike the Life Book, there aren’t any pages for Christmas planning, but I think I’ll do that in my not-quite-a-bullet-journal this year.

I did have the vague idea of trying to do more of a bullet journal next academic year, but I decided I wanted more structure provided initially. I know bullet journals really take as much or as little time as you have, but one scenario for next year involves zero free time (eeeek). In theory, LO will start school, and I’ll continue working three days a week, and have two days a week when I have more time to get on with things [catch up on all the things I haven’t done in the last 4.75 years!]. In practice we don’t know what will happen about her starting school or whether wraparound care (breakfast and after school club) will be available so it’s possible I’ll need to split my working hours over five days so I can do the drop off and pick up if wraparound care isn’t available. That will mean a lot of hurtling around, a lot more petrol used and zero free time!

I also got some stickers along with the diary. These made me laugh as they include stickers for things like ‘night out’ and ‘dinner party’! In fact, most of the activities on that particular page were illegal until relatively recently!

What are you going to use to get organised in 2020/21?

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