More cooking and some harvesting

I feel like I’m more organised now with what’s in the freezer and what we’re getting in each week with shopping. Early on, whilst we were in lockdown proper, I was busily using up out of date food found in cupboards and clearing out the freezer. Now we’re back into more of our usual routine (DH and I eat together, later, three nights a week as LO eats at preschool, and all of us eat together four nights a week), I’ve been able to do some of our old favourites, which are quick and easy. The batch cooking I did early on means the freezer is full to bursting

Back in April I was busy using up the last of the fruit frozen the previous year in crumbles etc to make space in the freezer.

And now we’re coming back round again, because here are the blackcurrants to harvest this year!

We’ve also done a bit of baking with ingredients that came with the veg box (flour supplies seem to have stabilised again). These are cocoa courgette muffins and lemon biscuits, both of which were really tasty. The lemon biscuits recipe came from The tickle fingers kids’ cookbook which has five biscuit variants to try (I suspect we’re going to work our way through all of them).

Have you been doing any baking recently?

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