June 2020 garden

It’s been SO hot! As you can see, the lawn is looking rather brown and patchy. May was really hot and dry and, until last week, June had been similar.

So, we’ve had to do quite a bit of watering. The water butt was empty by April ( I can’t remember this happening before), although it’s since refilled thanks to a storm.

Many plants are flowering. Just a few highlights: geranium, fuchsia, hydrangea and hebe.

I’ve been seizing the opportunity to enjoy some time in the garden without doing anything now that LO is back at preschool. I usually get about half an hour between finishing work and having to go and pick her up, so I’m taking a mug of tea out to sit in the garden on my own.


Some crops have been doing better than others. The beetroot seeds we planted in March only yielded one beetroot(!), which we split between us(!) for tea. I don’t think they were very happy being grown in a container. The apple trees, however, are covered in apples and I’ve had to do some thinning out.

I love the shape of this sempervivum as it starts to think about flowering!

How’s your garden looking with all the sunshine we’ve had?

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