Celebrating our anniversary

It’s been a funny old week. There was a bit of an improvement as preschool reopened at the beginning of the week, much to everyone’s relief. It’s been absolutely horrendous trying to work from home with a preschooler around. It hasn’t exactly been “quality time”. I know just about everyone’s finding it difficult at the moment for varying reasons (for all the people going insane stuck at home 24/7 with their children and/or partner, there’s all the people going insane stuck at home on their own 24/7) and we’re pretty fortunate – we have a house and garden, have easy access on foot to parkland and can afford to buy things like craft and art materials, as well as cover the increased food costs. I’ve tried to find a few positives, and came up with: I’ve been able to drink fresh mint tea every day. I’m not having to commute (thus saving money on petrol as well as the environment). And, well, that’s about it. LO has been very unhappy without having preschool to go to, she’s missed out on a lot of exercise (she’s mostly been parked in front of CBeebies so we can work), missed playing with her friends and has been totally fed up for much of the time. So, a huge relief when the school reopenings were announced. Her preschool has been very well organised and was ready to go on the first day! I’ve been using the Covid Explained website for good quality information to help weigh up risks, as there is so much hype out there. It won’t make decisions for you, but it will help you make them.

One of the few good things (and much better than daily mint tea) is that I’ve been stuck at home with my gorgeous OH. I enjoy sharing a study with him (we originally met at work, so in some ways it’s like coming back full circle) and, now that LO is back at preschool three days a week, we get to eat a few meals together too without having to talk about Paw Patrol. Almost like we’re on a date! 😉 It’s ten years since we got married, which I can’t really believe. It’s been the most amazing ten years 🙂

We were meant to be going on holiday around now. We were going to go to Sussex, as we did last year, but it became apparent a couple of months ago that this wasn’t going to be possible. We initially postponed, then finally cancelled when it got to the point when we’d have had to pay the balance. And, although lockdown has eased slightly, there’s still not that many places to actually go to. But we wanted to do something so…

Following a recommendation from a friend, we ordered Côte at Home. This is a chain of restaurants which has switched to offering their food as upmarket ready meals for delivery direct to your house. I admit I was a little dubious at first, as it seemed expensive for ready meals. But these aren’t at all like supermarket ones. They are beautifully prepared, come with thoughtful little touches (separate package of parmesan to sprinkle on the risotto, little thing of cream to go with the tarte aux pommes, garlic butter to stir into the minted peas), require no effort to cook (some were microwave and some oven) and tasted AMAZING! This isn’t a sponsored post (this isn’t a monetized blog) but thought this might be helpful if anyone else wants to celebrate a special occasion. The box they came in was tracked so we knew exactly when it would arrive. A lot of the meals can be frozen, so I ordered a couple of extra items to put in the freezer. And the box was the perfect size to turn into a My Little Pony stable for LO! So win all round, really. They also do cheese, so I am very tempted to order again…

Apart from ordering the food, we waited until the day itself to decide what to do. We weren’t sure what would be open, or what the weather would be like. As it turned out, Windsor Great Park reopened to visitors who drive there (it had stayed open to pedestrians throughout) so we visited there, with LO dressed up as a purple furry unicorn. The outside catering van had reopened so we were able to get ice cream and coffee (if you’re planning a visit the toilets aren’t open!). They also had some cake and sandwiches.

It was a really nice day. Not what we’d originally planned, but we enjoyed it and it was good to spend the time together without having to fit it in around working!

What have been the highs and lows for you of being at home?


  1. Whilst it’s not zero effort, I’d recommend the delivery option – the food was really nice and it definitely made a change from the meals we have been eating!


  2. Congratulations!! Can’t believe it’s been 10 years, I didn’t really think we had known each other that long but I guess it’s true, how time flies. The ready meals sound fun, we don’t normally buy those but occasionally splash out so we might do that for our mandated ‘holiday’ that we have to take this summer to use up leave allowance.


  3. Congratulations on ten years of marriage. It is a celebration you share with DS and DIL, a day they shared with a three and a quarter daughter and a nearly five year old son. Their solution was a take away afternoon tea from a very good local bakery in Lee on the Solent, they were planning to have theirs in the garden whilst children ate inside. I’m not sure what the weather was like or what happened. In normal times we would probably gone south, stayed in our favourite B & B, done the school run for Reception child, fed and watered them so parents could go out to play.

    Thanks for Cote recommendation, we have been disappointed with the service in their Teddington restaurant, however as they deliver this may be an option for our wedding anniversary next week. Thanks.


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