April 2020 garden

We’ve basically been at home for a month now as LO’s last day at preschool was a month ago. I’m not sure where the time has gone. One things for sure, spending all of our time at home means I’ve been very aware of tiny changes in the garden, which I probably wouldn’t have noticed otherwise! I try and write my monthly garden update posts around the middle of the month. Looking back at last month‘s, I was still talking about “if we have to go into self-isolation”!

The garden has become a big part of every day, as we go outside once I’ve finished my first work stint of the day (I’m doing two lots of two hour blocks a day to fit in around LO). All of our garden equipment and toys are getting used a lot. And I seem to be getting quite a lot of gardening done, albeit in twenty minute chunks.

The lawn isn’t often empty any more…

In the last month we’ve moved from the spring flowers – loads of daffodils, primulas and even an occasional snakeshead fritallary…

To tulips…

And apple blossom. I’ve even seen alliums beginning to appear.

I’ve done a small amount of sorting out in the shed. Working towards my bigger shed organisation project 😉 . I broke it up into tiny jobs, the first of which was to get the drill out and put up the took rack I bought about six weeks ago, and the raised bed I got a week before lockdown. The raised bed is made, but still lying around on the lawn waiting to go in its final position. I got the tool rack up, and that side of the shed cleared out, swept and organised. Now I have one half of the shed that looks amazing, and the other half looks dreadful. But small steps, right?!

My original plan, only just over a month ago, was to use up some annual leave and get the garden mulched, lawns edged, as well as do some other things such as long walks on my own. I’ve done this for the last few years. This couldn’t happen this year as I had four days of leave booked over three weeks, but with LO at home, so I used the leave to reduce the number of hours I needed to work every day. I have now, just about, got to the stage I wanted to be at, with the lawns all edged and the borders all mulched (fortunately I’d ordered compost a few weeks before lockdown, anticipating the leave, if not the lockdown!). This included emptying two compost bins. Normally I’d do this in one burst, taking about four hours, but this ended up taking two weeks. Fortunately the weather has been warm, so the wheelbarrow has spent quite a while sat on the lawn full of compost waiting to be put on the borders! We also found that the teabags we’d been putting in the compost really hadn’t rotted down, so OH ended up having to spend ages picking up bits of teabag from all over the garden. We’re now only putting the plastic-free teabags in the compost…

How has lockdown affected your garden? Have you had plenty of time to do things to it, or are you struggling to find time to do anything? How have you managed for gardening supplies?


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