Hey Teach finished at last!

Back in 2017 I cast on Hey Teach, and knitted away, until I tried it on and realised that the sleeves really didn’t fit me at all. Which meant I’d have to frog the whole thing as the armholes were the wrong size, and reknit from the begining again. And I really couldn’t face doing that. So, it was in my knitting plans for 2018 and 2019 but still hadn’t happened. I suppose that’s the downside of garments that you knit in pieces and then sew together!

Hey Teach finished – it isn’t really wonky, that’s just me!

I’m delighted to say that Hey Teach is finally finished and IT FITS! I ended up going up two sizes to get a more comfortable fit (note to self, you are no longer the same size as you were before you were pregnant). I’m really pleased with it, and it’s good timing as the weather is getting warmer, and this will be useful for pulling on over a vest top.

Love that stitch pattern! It looks a bit grey in the pictures above, the picture of me wearing it is more like the real colour. It used up 685.5 metres of yarn, which means I’ve used up 965.5 metres this year and acquired 1291.4 metres.


  1. looks great! i’ve been meaning to re-knit this (first one stretched out way big), maybe now is my time


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