Bobby Bear’s clothes

This was the post I had vaguely imagined writing for last week, before the new normal struck! But first an update. How’s everyone doing? It’s been a bit of a strange week, that’s for sure. I had some annual leave booked, and work part-time anyway, so I only had to work two days. I arranged to do them spread over five days though, just to help ease us into the new situation. It was quite challenging fitting both of our jobs in whilst also looking after LO. I have no idea how it’s going to work out once I’m trying to do my usual 3 days a week, although I don’t need to worry about that for another few weeks as, thanks to annual leave and the Easter closure, I’ve got another three weeks of 1 or 2 day weeks to go. By which point we’ll be four weeks into this. There has been some sobering news. At least five friends have had suspected Coronovirus this week, although they all seem to be on the mend now, and none have had to go to hospital. Sadly, one of my colleagues has lost a parent to it though, which has emphasised the need to take the recommendations over staying at home seriously.

I seem to have adapted to a world of virtual team meetings where you get to admire your colleagues’ interior decor/bed/children/partner whilst trying to drown out the sound of CBeebies floating up the stairs. The time has gone incredibly quickly. I’m rather amused by the amount of emails/social media posts I’ve seen with suggestions for ways to pass the time – so far, it looks like I’m getting about the same amount of TV watching and knitting as before, and have less time for reading. It feels like we’re always on duty, as we’re always either working or looking after LO or doing chores (or at least two of those simultaneously!). There seems to be an endless cycle of meals to produce (normally OH eats lunch at work and LO has all her meals at preschool three days a week).

Thankfully we aren’t having to worry about home educating. LO is preschool year, which means all of her learning takes place in a very fluid environment around things that interest her and which she likes playing with. There are some things she’s supposed to be able to do before she starts school or which make life easier if she can (change her clothes, use the toilet independently, write her name, know the alphabet, common colours and numbers up to 20) but, because she’s one of the older ones in her year, she can already do all this. So, we’ve played a few games, and done some other fun things like plant seeds, write letters in the soil, made cards and lots of art. It’s been a very sunny week, so we’ve been outside every day – mostly in our garden, but also to a nearby churchyard.

Now onto the real content 😉

Nearly three weeks ago (otherwise known as a lifetime), LO came home from preschool with Bobby Bear, with whom she was supposed to have adventures, we write them up in a diary and she then tells her friends about it when she went back to preschool. Bobby ended up being returned to preschool three days before the schools closed.

Bobby did get to have a few adventures. Not as many as we’d originally envisaged as we decided against a train trip to Oxford, but he did get to go to the play area (remember play areas?!), to Messy Church before it closed and to have a ride on LO’s horse.

LO was rather concerned that he was cold, and was carrying him around wrapped in a blanket, so I got out a dolls’ pattern book passed on by a friend and found him a vest and shorts set. That means that two weeks ago I had a weekend of frantic knitting to get his clothes finished in time! I used up some oddments of yarn I had. They seem to fit OK and I hope Bobby appreciated the gesture. He then appeared on our preschool app in a picture from show and tell next to LO, who looked very proud!


  1. […] of a wider range of patterns that I’ve used in the past to create clothes for toys. I created Bobby Bear’s vest and shorts just before lockdown (wonder what happened to him, he was returned to preschool after his weekend […]


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  3. We’ve been lucky as LO’s nursery have decided not to charge us for April and will hold places open (I’m not sure what happens after that). They have remained open for keyworkers’ or vulnerable children but amalgamated sites so our nearest would be Chiswick – glad I don’t have to get her there!


  4. Lovely to hear about LO as she is halfway in age between our grandchildren, both of whom are at home now. Three year old Alice’s nursery asked parents not to send in their child unless it was essential, which it maybe for some children where both parents are in military service. Parents were asked if they would carry on paying the nursery so it would survive, DS is doing so, it is such a good one and they need it for another year, Alice needs the educational stimulation, at home she is following the same school work as her Edward who is in reception, he isn’t five until July, one of the youngest but is working at same level as the September birthdays. He was very solemnly explaining to us on FaceTime about diagraphs, we are learning too, DS learnt by ‘ look and say’ method so this is new for us.
    I feel I should record our new lifestyle so will be trying to blog more too.


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