March 2020 garden

We’ve got cleared up in the garden after the various storms, but it’s been SO wet that very little else has been happening. The lawn is very squidgy underfoot so we’re trying to avoid walking on it where possible!

I love the colours that are beginning to appear. I think these may be my favourite – I planted them in October in several containers, with daffodil bulbs tucked in underneath. These are primula ‘red flame’, which seems a pretty accurate description of the bright colours!

Various daffodils. The ones in the round container are Narcissus Minnow, which also appears in the containers above with the primulas. The hanging baskets are Narcissus tête-à-tête, along with Pansy cool wave raspberry swirl (which is showing no sign of actually flowering so far!). The others are in the borders and were planted several years ago. The hanging baskets are where I can see them from the kitchen window.

The rhubarb is coming along nicely, and the blackcurrant and gooseberry behind it are beginning show signs of growing again. This is a self-sown primrose which I moved from elsewhere in the garden. I like the colour, which is very different to its parent plant!

That’s all for this month. I’ve got some annual leave coming up, which I was going to use to get the garden mulched etc. However, if we end up having to self-isolate due to coronavirus I might have a little helper to assist me with that!

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