February 2020 garden

The garden was looking OK, and was still a bit ahead of itself for the time of year, and then Storm Ciara came last weekend and left bits of twigs and leaves everywhere! It actually wasn’t too bad where we are, there’s no damage to the garden (although there was a tree down near our house). I drove through the storm to get to a friend’s licensing as vicar and it was actually fine – the traffic lights were rocking in the wind but the car seemed OK!

Grass littered with storm debris

It’s a lot better than at work, where there was quite a bit of damage to banners, signs etc.

I’ve cut back the Cornus so hopefully it should produce lots of brightly coloured stems next winter. I think the birds were a bit miffed as they’d been perching on it to wait their turn at the bird feeder!


Lots of bulbs are poking through, and the daffodils aren’t far off flowering. I need to keep an eye out as, on one of our first trips out in this area (probably more than a decade ago now!), we went to see the daffodils in Valley Gardens, and we’ve since managed to miss it every year. I really want to see those again – maybe this year?!


More bulbs coming up. The foxgloves which I grew from seed last year are really coming on, ready to flower this year. I think this is the biggest one so far. To the left of this picture is one of the Physocarpus. A few years ago I thought it had succumbed to honey fungus, but it did come back, and I cut off a couple of very dead branches on it. Hopefully it’ll be back again this year.

Bulbs and foxgloves

Clematis ‘Wisley Cream’ has been flowering profusely. It’s right opposite the kitchen window and I love looking at it whilst I’m washing up. It’s grown alongside two other Clematis, which flower in early summer, giving me more to look at!

Clematis ‘Wisley cream’

The Daphne seems to have put on a growth spurt and is covered in beautiful pink smelly (nice smelly!) flowers. Looking back at my old blog and gardening notes, it’ll be six years this summer since we bought it (on our Bradford-on-Avon holiday). I should maybe start thinking about taking some cuttings from it.

That’s it for this month. Another storm beckons this weekend, so I hope the garden survives relatively unscathed (and I’m also not going to start sweeping up all that debris just yet!). Has your garden survived the storm(s)?

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