Dolls’ clothes

In my plans for 2019, I’d said that I wanted to make some more dolls’ clothes for LO’s doll (known as ‘Baby’!). I knitted this apron using a pattern that a friend had passed on, intending to knit some other items as a set to go with it (the pattern books are lovely – themed outfits for dolls to wear!). However, another friend then passed on some things for LO, and it included a bag of clothes sized for dolls or premature babies, so Baby suddenly acquired an extensive wardrobe!

I will knit a few more things to go with it, I think. Some of the outfits are just too funny (think 1980s) and cute!

However, my niece has a Baby Annabel and I thought she would like some knitted clothes. So we bought her a Baby Annabel changing bag for Christmas, and I used some leftovers to make a little outfit for her. Apparently they’re a good fit!

I don’t really like knitting toys (too fiddly) or things that have to be sewn together, but dolls’ clothes are actually quite fun and satisfying to knit. They’re very quick and a good way of using up odds and ends as they take tiny amounts of wool. Sewing on the buttons is a little fiddly, which is why the cardigan only has one button. It has a tiny press stud on the other side, which was also very fiddly! Thankfully the skirt has an elasticated waist and so just pulls on!

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