Puerperium #15

A work colleague is expecting a baby, so, of course, I seized the opportunity to knit another Beyond Puerperium! This is the 0-3 month size, so hopefully the baby will get some use out of it before the weather gets warmer.

It used up 271 metres of yarn (Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK) and was intended to use up some oddments I’d got left over from other projects – I did use up all of the blue (azure) and yellow (sunflower), but ended up having to buy another ball of red as I ran out, despite my calculations. Luckily, I’d remembered that the garden centre we went to on New Year’s Day (because it was a)open and b) has a soft play) also has a big craft section, including Stylecraft yarn, so I was able to get another ball of red (Poppy) and choose some matching buttons too.

So, first stash running total for the year: 217 metres used up, 91 metres acquired. And my first completed project of 2020!

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