January 2020 garden

We’re in a heat wave. The temperatures have mostly been about 11 or 12 degrees. Consequently plants are still growing, bulb shoots are appearing above the ground and everything is behaving as though it’s about March. Or April. Either this will continue and the garden will run out of steam by about July. Or it’s going to turn cold suddenly and everything will stop! Which leaves me with the question of should I be gardening as though it’s January, or March?!

We still have flowers on one of the Fuchsias

The Daphne is well ahead with flowering, and smells amazing!

The Hellebores are also quite far along and have some beautiful flowers this year.

The Sarcococca is covered with flowers and berries. I love the shape of the flowers. It also smells amazing when you walk near it!

Snowdrops are popping up all over the place.


Are you having mild weather too? How’s it affecting your garden?


  1. Your rhubarb is much further ahead than ours, which is just peeping out. Hope your garden has survived Storm Ciara!


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