Books read 2019 #11-12

#11 Kirsty Wark The legacy of Elizabeth Pringle

This one was passed on by a relative who’d picked it up in a sale at a local library. It’s fictional and the account of Elizabeth Pringle who, at the end of a lengthy life, leaves her house to a stranger – a young mum she’d seen pushing a pram down the road near the house decades earlier. Martha, the baby in that pram, now investigates to find out why she would do that. It is a bit predictable in terms of plot(!), but an enjoyable read, and I enjoyed learning about the island’s story during the Second World War.

#12 Frances Liardet We must be brave

Another one I read a review about and reserved from the library. It starts in 1940, where Ellen, who can’t have children of her own, is helping a bus-load of bombed out evacuees from Southampton, and finds an unaccompanied child asleep at the back. She offers to look after the child temporarily, and the rest of the novel is what happens as a result of that decision, as well as looking back to what led Ellen to that place. It’s beautifully written and researched. I loved the social history details, and the language used throughout. I had trouble putting it down and read it very fast (for me!) over Christmas.

So, it appears I managed to read a book a month in 2019. I wonder what 2020 will bring in terms of reading?! I’m a long way from the 1.5 books a week I read in my days as a train commuter.

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