Keith socks

Way back in the summer a friend asked for volunteers to test knit her new sock pattern, Keith, which was intended to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. I volunteered, as I’d been about to look for a new sock pattern anyway, but warned her it might take a while for me to knit them due to spending most of my time facilitating LO’s social life when I’m not at work. It has, indeed, taken me a while, and the pattern was released several months ago, but here is my example anyway!

I chose some yarn I’d received for my birthday in 2018, as I thought the stitch pattern would show up well. The yarn is Truly Hooked superwash merino/nylon, in colourway supersonic. I’m pleased with the yarn – it wasn’t splitty and I didn’t find any knots. The skein was also easy to wind.

I made the legs longer than the pattern called for, just because I felt like it 😉

The pattern was easy to follow but also a satisfying knit as there was enough variety to keep it interesting. It was easy enough to follow to make it a suitable knitting project for soft play supervision (I may have also acquired an interesting reputation at kids’ parties as it appeared some people had never seen someone knitting before!).

Definitely a recommended pattern. The pattern is free but asks for donations to the British Heart Foundation.

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