I’ve been taking part in an unfinished project KAL, which means I’ve dug a few WIPs out to have a go at. This one wasn’t really an unfinished project, as I hadn’t actually started it(!), but I’d purchased the yarn last year for a hat requested by a friend. It had gone through various iterations, as the first few patterns I looked at didn’t really work with the yarn (friend is vegan so wanted to avoid wool). Eventually I settled on Sequential, by Woolly Wormhead, which is stripes based on the Fibonacci sequence. This was a really enjoyable knit, and comes in a wide range of sizes, so I think it’s one I’ll be making again.

The yarn I eventually settled on was Sirdar Snuggly DK, from John Lewis in London (Oxford St). My friend had been quite specific about the colours he wanted, so I didn’t want to order yarn online, which limited it to what I could find easily in a shop.

The hat took 98 metres in total, so I have plenty left of both colours to make another hat or something else. That takes my total used for the year to 2505 metres, against 3394 metres acquired, so I’m still on track!

I’ve still got another couple of WIPs that I want to get finished off this year, although I also have a jumper to finish for LO and a present for a friend. One is Moss Fern cardigan, which just needs the sleeves doing, and the other is Hey Teach, which has been hanging around for ages waiting to be finished (the sleeves didn’t fit right so I had to frog it and start again).

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