Conscious jumper

You know how sometimes you end up knitting the same pattern repeatedly? My best example was Beyond Puerperium, which I’ve made a grand total of 13(!) times now. Conscious seems to be going the same way, as this is number four! Presumably I like Kelly Van Niekirk’s designs! All the patterns are very clearly written, often cover a large number of sizes, and sometimes gauges, making them good value for money.

Conscious4 blocking

This one is for my niece’s birthday. She has a wool allergy so I spent some time on holiday looking for suitable yarn, before settling on some Scheepjes Stone Washed, which is a cotton/acrylic mixture and very soft. I really liked the yarn, but it is sport weight and the pattern calls for DK, so worked out that I needed to knit the 7-8 year size to achieve a 4 -6 year size.


My calculations were, thankfully, pretty much spot on, as I only had about 15g of yarn leftover once I’d finished. I also remembered to buy buttons in the same shop!

That used up 780 metres of yarn (slightly less, I enclosed the oddments with the parcel in case of future repairs), which takes my total used for the year to 2407 metres, against 3394 metres acquired.

Have you had any favourite patterns you’ve ended up knitting repeatedly?


  1. Until recently all socks for DH were made using a mixture of Regia yarn sock pattern and Winwick Mum’s books and blog. Now having knitted one pair of toe up socks using Yllie on Ravelry, Maria Higg’s Tramlines I will be knitting toe up socks using her pattern. No Kitchener stitch, I sew left handed, knit & crochet right handed, no picking up stitches trying to obtain right number! Plus I can make the legs longer without playing yarn chicken as I approach the toes.

    My other favourite pattern is Forest Canopy Shawl, have made a number of these.


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