September 2019 garden

Following last month’s disappearance of the Eucalyptus tree, I realised that the fence behind it hadn’t been painted in goodness knows how long. I’d done the rest of that fence a while ago (but before I was pregnant, so probably 5 -6 years ago now!). I’m planning to plant up this bit of border with bulbs etc so thought I’d get at least this one fence panel painted now whilst it’s easy to access and before the winter. The rest will have to be done once the raspberry canes are cut down in the winter. The colour of this is rich oak.

It looks so much better now it’s been painted!

I also did the bin stores but in a different colour. These were more urgent as we had them built just over three years ago and we knew they needed to be painted within a year. And, well, it didn’t happen (to be fair, there was a baby/toddler distraction around at that point), so I think the wood in the lids would have split if we’d left it for another winter. I’m not sure about the light colour of these. A house down the road has bin stores in the front garden, painted black, and they look much smarter, so maybe a darker colour would be better. The current colour is medium oak, which is the same colour as the shed (which was previously harvest gold, but that turned out to be bright orange!). I have been very organised and written down all the colour names and a list of what needs doing so I’m not scrabbling around trying to remember in the spring ;-). I wish now I’d started a notebook when we bought the house of things like paint colours and what we did when.

Bin stores painted!

And how did I get this done with my Little Helper around? I didn’t. We’d paid for an extra afternoon at nursery one week as I had a meeting to go to, so I did the prep. work then and some painting! Amazing how much that focusses the mind to get on with things.

The Autumn colours are really beginning to appear in the garden. The Sedum is gradually showing its colours. I Chelsea chopped it back in May so there are plenty of flowerheads.

This one, in front of the Physocarpus, is a different variety to the other, so a bit further along. I’m wondering if the Physocarpus has got honey fungus. I know it’s in the bed and was hoping it wouldn’t get it. Only time will tell… I’m really careful with what comes from that bed, and nothing from it gets moved into other parts of the garden or passed on to other people.

Not sure about this Physocarpus…

The fuchsias are heading into their last flush of flowering of the season. I keep dead-heading them and removing the seed heads if I’ve missed any dead-heading, which keeps them going until the frosts come.

How’s your garden looking this September?

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