Summer holiday days out

A few of the things we enjoyed doing during the long (long long) school summer holidays. LO isn’t at school yet, but it still meant that all the things we normally do each week weren’t running. These were the stand out fun things we did and hopefully will be inspiration for next year?

I’ve found Facebook quite useful to keep an eye out for local(ish) events taking place, and many places had special events for children during the summer holidays. Not all of these were aimed at or suitable for pre-school children, but there were some notable ones that worked.

We spent a day at RHS Wisley doing their Very Hungry Caterpillar Trail. This involved excerpts from the book which we had to find in various parts of the grounds, and counting giant fruit pictures in the fruit area of the gardens.

LO could recite this one from memory!
We had to count giant pictures of fruit “hidden” amongst the real fruit

We’ll definitely be heading back over there as a)I took out a year’s membership(!) and b) they have a new play garden opening very soon which looks lots of fun.

On a trip over to Swansea to see LO’s cousins, we dropped into the National Waterfront Museum, which has an amazing children’s area aimed at under-5s. There were drawers to pull out, sliding doors to open, magnifying glasses to look closely at specimens, a wooden train set with ships and a dock to build, dressing up clothes, puppets and more. Elsewhere in the museum there are buttons to press, and steps to climb on so smaller people can have a closer look etc. It’s all very well thought out and engaging. And free!

Opening the sliding doors – this one had a seagull model on the other side!
Examining objects closely with magnifying glasses
I don’t think LO believed me when I said this was the actual size of a T Rex tooth!
This is in one of the main galleries – pushing the button blows air through the wind turbine, making it turn, which generates electricity and makes the light shine brighter. LO loved bashing it to make the light shine!
On a less wet and windy day [yes, this was in August!] you can go out here and look down at all the boats
Wooden train and docks

We also visited Windsor Great Park and Savill Garden a couple of times as they have plenty of things to see and do, plus a small children’s play area. We take the scooter into the park itself as you can scoot for miles on reasonably smooth paths (also good for walks with a buggy) and you can feed the ducks on the various lakes/ponds, pretend the Gruffalo is hiding in the woods and spot wildlife. In Savill Garden itself we found some ducklings and giant fish. And also flowers in different colours to match our outfits!

Giant fish spotted
Duckling spotted
Eeek the Gruffalo is chasing us!
Playing hide and seek in the woods

These were all reasonably cheap days out as we took picnics with us. The museum has free entry, and we have annual membership of the other two, which brings down the cost per visit. All have excellent facilities for families.

Where did you visit over the summer holidays and which you’d recommend?

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