August 2019 garden

The BIG change from last month is the disappearance of the eucalyptus tree. Three men spent the afternoon on the hottest day of the year cutting it down. I didn’t get any pics of the action as I was too busy getting them many many drinks whilst they worked.

Bye bye eucalyptus tree

It’s made this corner of the garden look a bit clearer, as the eucalyptus had been just behind the cordyline, right next to the yew (why on earth the former owners of our house thought it was a good idea to plant it there, I do not know!). The standard apple tree (a wedding present) had begun to grow away from it towards where it could get more light. We’re hoping this will now grow a bit more upright.

Looking a lot clearer now

I spotted this rose about to bloom a week ago, and took a quick snap of it

And then remembered to go back to take another picture today! No idea what variety it is, as it was planted by the Former Owners. I like how the flower is so much paler than the bud.

The sedum below the physocarpus is just coming into flower too. If it wasn’t so wet I’m sure we’d have more insects buzzing around.

Oh dear. The box suddenly succumbed to box blight. It happened very quickly in the space of about ten days. I am glad that I only bought the £2.99 hedging plant a few years ago and trained it myself, rather than the £30+ already trained box ball! Now I’ll have to have a think about what to replace it with in that container.

And the gladioli are beginning to flower. These have all needed staking this year as the torrential downpours we’ve had would have sent them over otherwise.

The crocosmia seems to have returned. We didn’t have any for a few years but it seems to be back!

And the Japanese anemones have just started flowering. These usually flower right into November or even later.

Have you had box blight in your garden?

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