Retro pudding

I remember some of the puddings we had as kids, but which don’t seem as common these days. I decided to have a go at recreating one of them as I thought LO would enjoy them. I borrowed a rabbit mould from my Mum (wonder when it was last used?!) and found some blancmange packet mix at the supermarket (tucked away on a top shelf in a corner – wonder how much they sell?!)


I’d wondered how the moulds balance (there’s a big rabbit and a little one – I made the big one) and whether they’d need propping up, but the shape of the ears is very clever and they balance on those. You make the blancmange mix up, pour it carefully into the mould and then leave to set.


Meanwhile, also make up some lime green jelly and leave to cool too.

Turn the pink blancmange rabbit onto a plate, then surround with green jelly to look like “grass”.


Classic children’s pudding! Looks revolting, doesn’t it?! It did taste as I remember it, and LO seemed to like it too.

Any other puddings you remember from childhood? And have you recreated them since?

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