I’ve been experimenting with doing some “free-from” baking. This cake was made as a thank you for some work colleagues. I asked them if they had any allergies, and discovered that one was gluten-free, one dairy-free and one vegan… This limited my options somewhat, until I happened upon those chocolate raspberry cake, made using Sainsburys gluten-free self-raising flour. It was quite easy to make, although sank a bit in the middle. Fortunately piling the raspberries on it meant I could hide that bit!

This was a bit of an experiment after I started to make a roast beef as usual and then realised I didn’t have any eggs to make Yorkshire puddings. I’d already started out with the flour and milk so did some googling and came up with an egg-free Yorkshire pudding recipe. These were absolutely revolting…

Fruity teabread, a recipe I’ve used many times before and always very tasty and very reliable!

These are banana flapjacks, a recipe from the Tickle Fingers toddler cook book. I had some brownish bananas to use up and wanted something LO could get involved with. She really enjoyed making them, especially squishing the banana with a fork. I doubled the quantity suggested in the book and I didn’t have any glace cherries in so substituted candied peel instead as I had some left over from Christmas.

These were a big hit and a recipe I’d definitely make again!


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