Soft play shawl

The shawl I started back in May, intending it as my latest play ground/soft play project, never actually got knitted at the play area! I really enjoyed knitting the pattern, and it grew so quickly I nearly didn’t have it still on the needles to take on holiday with me. I finished knitting it right at the end of June, but it’s taken me a couple of weeks to get round to blocking it. The pattern is Napi by Grace Akhrem

Finished but unblocked

This was how it looked finished but unblocked. It’s pretty big, I did a few more repeats of bits of the pattern to make the most of the yarn I was using and to make sure I got a big snuggly wrap type shawl to keep me warm at work during the winter.

Blocking in progress

Blocking it was interesting. It’s an unusual shape, with a big blocky section and then partly tapering off. It was a bit challenging finding enough floor space to block it in whilst avoiding anywhere we might want to walk! It ended up partially under a chair!


This is the finished version, blocked. I was still struggling a bit with a location for a photo, as there wasn’t a clear enough patch of floor totally shadow free. And, of course, it was raining, so I couldn’t spread it out on the lawn!

Close up of the stitch pattern

I am really pleased with this. It was a very satisfying knit, with enough interest to make it easy to come back to. I wish I’d thought to do all the stitch pattern section using the red/orange yarn, as it would have stood out more, but I don’t think I had a clear enough view when I started it of what those sections would look lie – the original pattern uses gradations of grey rather than two colours.

That took a grand total of 729.6 metres of yarn, making my total used so far this year 1627 metres. I have only had a few finished projects so far this year though – this shawl, some socks, a child’s cardigan and two scarves, one of them very small. Yarn in so far this year is running at 3394 metres, solely because of all my yarn purchases on holiday! Some of that will be knitted up very soon though as it is intended for presents.

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