When I was looking at the year ahead, one of the things I wanted to do more of was walking. I did loads of walking on maternity leave, because, let’s face it, maternity leave is incredibly boring and there isn’t much else to do but walk and walk and walk to pass the time and go to the occasional toddler group and talk about poo to mix it up a bit. The maternity leave me was very skinny (gestational diabetes meant I weighed less after delivery than before I was pregnant!) and very fit from all the exercise. I was eating a huge amount because it turned out that even breastfeeding 50% (LO was combi-fed and had 50% formula) took a lot of energy. But since I returned to work and started doing less exercise, still ate the same amount because I’d got used to it and breastfeeding dropped to once a day (it’s now twice a month!), I’ve put on weight and got much less fit. And I wanted to do something about it as I’ll be turning 40 this year(!).

I’ve been out and about exploring quite a bit, especially when I’ve had days of annual leave to use up and so could go out on my own to places. One place I’d never been to before was Langley Park, a big country park not far from Slough, which has lots of paths with lovely views in the grounds, plus a nice child-friendly café and a good play area. I first explored it when the daffodils were out and I’ve since been back several times with LO as well to play.

The paths are reasonable – it’s relatively easy to push a non-off-road buggy over them, and also for LO to scoot. There are well maintained toilets and baby changing facilities by the café, not too far from the play area too. You do have to pay to park but it isn’t too expensive and the café is reasonably priced and not busy during term time.

You can see other places I’ve explored in my walks category, which I’ll be adding to as we explore more places.

A very recent development is that I’ve just started Global Challenge, an opportunity provided through work to spend 100 days improving your life by getting more exercise, more sleep and eating better with a team to encourage you on the way whilst you compete against teams all over the world. The idea is to aim for 10,000 steps a day, and I’m not quite there yet as it’s so difficult to fit exercise in on a work day. The initial challenge I’ve set myself is 7000 steps a day. I was amused to discover though that apparently 45 minutes of chasing a three year old round a swimming pool counts as almost 7000 steps (so that was the day I ended up logging 17,000!). Disappointingly though there aren’t extra exercise categories for walking whilst pushing a three year old in a pushchair or for gardening. I’ll try to check back in here again with my progress over the 100 days.

How many steps a day do you do on an average day?

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