New shawl

Having finished the soft play socks, I needed another fairly simple small project to have in the car/pushchair to knit whilst we’re at soft play or the playground. I decided I wanted to make something that used these two skeins, one a birthday present last year, the other from Christmas – I liked the way the colours echo each other.


Look how different they look wound into balls, although you can still tell they’re related.

Picture taken in the evening. The colour isn’t quite right

And the pattern? I settled on Napi by Grace Akhrem. It may sound a bit crazy choosing a pattern called Napi, especially as we’ve only just emerged from the other side of potty training, but it’s actually a Hungarian word which means ‘Every day’. The pattern calls for worsted weight on 5mm needles, so I am using 4.5mm needles with 4ply (what could possibly go wrong?!)

The pattern calls for varying degrees of grey yarn, which does look stunning, but having scanned its project gallery, I decided just to alternate between my two skeins, which means the redder skein will have most of the patterned sections.

Just starting the first patterned section

And… I love this pattern. It’s very quick to knit, the pattern is well written and easy/clear to follow. And, it’s fun. So far it’s been entirely compatible with knitting in front of the TV, including subtitles, as well as out and about. There are short rows which I initially found hard to spot later on, so I started using stitch markers to remind me where they are.

Stitch markers in action!

I’ve actually had to stop knitting it for a while as I was worried I’d finish it so quickly I’d need to start looking for another portable project!

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